The Power of Education

AUVSI brings together the industry’s foremost technology experts. It’s the place where those most experienced in deployments and integrations (with the battle scars to prove it) and leaders working closest on top issues, regulations and policies come together to share their knowledge, experience and vision. If you are looking for the real-life knowledge that will help you accelerate your career and advance your company, you’ll definitely want to participate in XPONENTIAL educational sessions.

With more than 200 hours of programming presented by nearly 300 speakers, you’ll have the opportunity to get answers to your most pressing challenges, share best practices and present innovative solutions to advance your goals in unmanned technology and automation. With a focus on users, policy, technology and trending topics, the AUVSI XPONENTIAL program will give you the knowledge you need to tackle today’s challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.


All XPONENTIAL educational sessions will fall into at least one primary track. These tracks will help you identify large selections of presentations and discussions addressing broad topics of interest to the unmanned community.


AUVSI is excited to introduce a series of sessions dedicated to safely, efficiently and effectively advancing UAS deployment. Delineated by experience level, sessions in this Primary Track will address everything from building a business case for the use of drones to scaling operations across an enterprise.

Drone Tech User Track – Beginner +

Sessions in this track are designed for newcomers looking to incorporate unmanned systems tech into their business operations. With a primary focus on business case creation, panel discussions and presentations in this track will equip you with the core knowledge needed to build a drone program. Industry experts will provide insight on key topics including:

  • Building the business case and engaging stakeholders
  • Selecting the right drone technology for your program
  • Part 107 training: Becoming a drone pilot

Who should attend: Attendees new to the industry with a limited knowledge of drone technology, operations and airspace regulations. Solopreneurs seeking to introduce drones into their business as well as individuals tasked with exploring the integration of drones into their organization’s operations will have the opportunity to learn the basics from experienced industry leaders.

Drone Tech User Track – Intermediate +

Sessions at the intermediate level are tailored to attendees who are experienced drone operators and are looking for opportunities to increase their operational knowledge while learning new tools to improve training, increase safety and maximize ROI. Industry experts will provide insight on key topics including:

  • Best practices for drone program management
  • How to expand your program and drone fleet, while improving safety and increasing efficiency
  • Flight operations management: What your team needs to know

Who should attend: Drone operators and/or program managers with 3-5 years of operational experience who are seeking insight into best practices from industry experts and their peers. Focus areas for this track include training, risk mitigation and compliance considerations for small drone programs and individual pilots.

Drone Tech User Track – Advanced +

Designed for experienced drone operators, sessions in this track focus on advanced operations, data processing options and new technology solutions designed to address the unique challenges of enterprise drone programs. Attendees will participate in in-depth sessions led by seasoned pilots and industry experts with technology solutions and business strategies for scaling programs across complex organizations. Industry experts will provide insight on key topics including:

  • Maximizing ROI through data integration and management
  • Avoiding pitfalls and setbacks when scaling operations across an organization
  • Emerging technologies and solutions impacting enterprise operations

Who should attend: Drone operators and/or program managers with 5+ years of experience working in large enterprise programs as well as experienced pilots interested in learning about the latest technologies and solutions for data processing, operations management and more.


During these sessions, leaders shaping unmanned systems regulation and policy for unmanned aircraft, automated vehicles and maritime systems relay the information that matters to you and your business. With dedicated panel discussions, tailored presentations and numerous opportunities to connect, you will emerge from XPONENTIAL armed with the most up-to-date insights from key regulators and policy makers.

Public Safety UAS Track

This two-day track of programming offers public safety practitioners the opportunity to engage with each other and experts in the field while discussing key issues of interest to the community. Insightful panel sessions and stand-alone presentations led by experienced emergency responders and public safety veterans will focus on the topics of key importance to the community. Discussions will cover a full range of topics from program implementation to lessons learned to regulatory considerations, and more.


These curated sessions designed for engineers, developers, technologists and researchers will allow you to stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends and advancements impacting unmanned systems and robotics including artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, payload advancements as well as software and hardware developments. Discover how advanced capabilities can fit within your technology roadmap, R&D initiatives and business strategy.


Looking for content addressing the industry’s fastest growing markets or top technology trends? These sessions have you covered. From the latest research and updates on emerging applications to state-of-the-art developments in technology areas like blockchain and AI , you’ll hear from leaders who are pushing the envelope by tackling the industry’s most difficult challenges while highlighting near-term opportunities.