Monday, June 4: 8:00 - 10:00 am

TUT1: The Rechargeable Battery Market: Value Chain and Main Trends 2017 - 2027

Instructor: Christophe Pillot, PhD, Battery Survey Manager, Avicenne Energy, France

This tutorial will present the 10-year automotive market forecasts from Avicenne and other analysts (micro|Hybrid|P-HEV|EV). Other coverage will include car makers' strategies, advanced energy storage (Advanced lead acid|Supercap|NiMH|LIB). Additionally, LIB design for P-HEV & EV markets (Cylindrical, prismatic, pouch|Wounded, stacked, Z fold cells) and LIB cell, module & pack cost structure 2017-2027 will be discussed.

TUT2: Recent Advances in Solid State Electrolytes for Energy Storage

Instructor: Jeff Sakamoto, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science, University of Michigan

Dangerous liquid electrolytes are employed over solid electrolytes due to their high conductivities and excellent interfacial behavior. However, current research is narrowing the gap between liquid and solid electrolytes. This tutorial will provide a review of advances in solid electrolyte, from material synthesis, to interfacial stability, to practical device applications.

TUT3: Improving the Energy Density of Batteries with Silicon-Based Anodes

Instructor: Dee Strand, PhD, CSO, Wildcat Discovery Technologies

This tutorial gives an overview on the benefits and challenges of using silicon-based anodes to improve the energy density of lithium-ion batteries. Topics will include 1) the key challenges in use of silicon-based anodes as well as progress in implementation of silicon and what can we expect in the future, and 2) the latest improvements in other battery components required to maximize the benefit of silicon-based anodes.

Monday, June 4: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

TUT4: Innovations in Packaging and New Regulatory Requirements for Transportation of Batteries

Instructor: Bob Richard, President, Hazmat Safety Consulting LLC

This tutorial will cover new packaging and fire suppression innovations and products and also provide an update on planned regulatory changes that will impact any company that ships lithium batteries. This will include the SAE G27 Lithium Battery Packaging Standard for air shipments and the UN Transport of Dangerous Goods Sub- Committee initiative to develop a hazard based classification system for lithium batteries based in their inherent risks. These looming regulatory changes will impact the entire lithium battery industry.

TUT5: Materials for Next Generation Batteries

Instructor: George Crabtree, PhD, Director, Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR), Argonne National Laboratory & Distinguished Professor of Physics, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, University of Illinois, Chicago

This tutorial will cover the materials and performance challenges for next generation batteries for electric vehicles and the electricity grid. The needs and use cases for storage in these two applications will be analyzed, and the possibilities of advanced lithium-ion, lithium-sulfur and multivalent batteries for vehicles will be presented. Lithium and magnesium anodes, wide electrochemical window electrolytes, and high voltage cathodes will receive special attention. New discovery approaches based on materials simulation and statistical learning will be discussed.

TUT6: The Global Electrolyte Market: Competitive Landscape and Market Opportunities

Instructor: Sam Jaffe, Managing Director, Cairn Energy Research Advisors

This tutorial will provide an overview of the electrolyte market, including the competitive landscape, pricing history and market forecast and prospects. The tutorial will then dive into each of the three components of electrolyte: fluorinated lithium salt, solvents and additives. Each electrolyte component will be explored, including an examination of incumbent materials as well as potentially disruptive new entrants, as well as the competitive landscape and pricing regimes. Finally, the tutorial will review next generation materials such as ionic liquids, salt-intensive formulations and others.

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