Battery Engineering for Automotive Applications

Building Better Batteries


Battery engineering involved the important aspects of designing electrodes and cells that will take maximum advantage of the active materials, designing packs that will guarantee reliable cell performance, and integrating battery packs into vehicles (or other machines) and meeting vehicle constraints while ensuring safety, reliability, and durability. Cell design, including the choice of non-active components, has a considerable impact on battery performance and reliability. Battery pack design and integration presents thermal, mechanical, and electrical engineering challenges, almost independent of cell chemistry. Optimizing cell and pack design according to the duty cycle of the application requires a careful balance between cell and pack energy, power, manufacturability, abuse tolerance, thermal characteristics, and cost.

Preliminary Agenda


Anode Improvements for Better Fast Charge Tolerance in Cells of High Energy and Powder Density

Mohan Karulkar, PhD, Principal Staff Member, Power Sources R&D, Sandia National Laboratories

Failure Propagation Work

Joshua Lamb, PhD, Senior Member of the Technical Staff, Advanced Power Sources R&D, Sandia National Laboratories

Battery Modules & Packs: Digital Performance Assessment

Youngwon Hahn, PhD, Senior Industry Solutions Manager, T&M Initiative, Dassault Systems SIMULIA


A Glance at Next-Generation Battery Management System Requirements: Safety and Security

Uwe Wiedemann, PhD, Managing Director, Munich Electrification GmbH

Battery Module Assembly Materials for Design and Safety Considerations

Aayush Shah, PhD, Associate Engineer, PCB & Systems Assembly, The Dow Chemical Company

A Multi-Cell Battery-Management Approach to Ease Performance Restrictions Imposed by Weakest Cell

Scott Trimboli, PhD, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Modeling and Controlling Diffusion-Induced Particle Stresses in Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

Gregory Plett, PhD, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

LORDComparing Thermal Pads and Gap Fillers for Thermal Management in EV Battery Packs

Sarah Ledbetter, Global Market Specialist – Electrification, LORD Corporation


Next Generation of Primed Al/Cu Foils to Support the Battery Market Evolution

Thierry Dagron, Business Development Director, ARMOR Films for Batteries, ARMOR

Safety Benefit of Plastic Current Collectors in Li-Ion Cell Designs

Eric Darcy, PhD, Battery Technical Discipline Lead, Propulsion and Power Division, NASA-JSC/EP5

Talk Title to be Announced

Michael Roach, North American & European Sales Manager, Sales & Marketing, AEM Components USA, Inc.

Accelerating EV System Qualification While Ensuring Battery Safety, Performance and Reliability

Tal Sholklapper, PhD, CEO, Voltaiq

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