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Battery Management Systems
( 电池管理系统 )


As the need for increased capacity and lifespan of lithium-ion batteries continues to grow, creating a safe and reliable battery management system is one of the biggest challenges facing battery engineers. The Battery Management Systems conference program, part of this year's International Battery Seminar & Exhibit, will bring together top scientists as they discuss how to extend the life of their battery packs and use battery management systems to maintain storage capacity and ensure that batteries run within safe conditions. High-level cell engineers and R&D scientists will discuss monitoring state-of-health, state-of-charge, designing internal battery pack topology, new monitoring methods, balancing mechanisms, and simplifying circuitry to develop long-lasting and reliable batteries.

Preliminary Agenda


A Device for Mechanically Detecting Anomalous Battery Operation

Craig Arnold, Ph.D., Director, Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials, Princeton University

WEVOUnderstanding Formulations of Material Selection for Battery Pack Designs

Terence Kearns, Business Development Manager, WEVO-CHEMIE GmbH


A Model Predictive Control (MPC) Approach to Power Limit Estimation Using A Coupled Electro-Thermal Empirical Model and a Nonlinear Kalman Filter

Scott Trimboli, PhD, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

A Frequency Response Interpretation of Transfer Function Models for Porous-Electrode Lithium-Ion Cell Internal Variables

Gregory Plett, PhD, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


Demystifying CEC Testing

Malcom McClure, CEO, Engineering, Energy Access, Inc.

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。

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