The need to develop faster, cheaper, more sustainable production systems is driving innovation across many industries, platforms and products, not just biotherapeutics. The Alternative Expression & Products pipeline focuses on the engineering of hosts and strains - novel and established - to synthesize, express and customize novel constructs with commercially relevant application, in industries such as pharma, biotech, fine chemicals, agriculture and cosmetics. Special attention will be paid to enabling technologies such as systems and synthetic biology, biocatalysis and microbial-based production systems such as E. coli.

Conferences Include:

1月8日 - 9日

Engineering Genes and Hosts ( 基因与宿主的改变 )

1月9日 - 10日

Biocatalysis and Bio-Based Chemical Production ( 活体触媒与生物基础的化学产品制造 )

1月11日 - 12日

Microbial Production ( 微生物表现 )