Traditional biologics, new biotherapeutics modalities and biosimilars are flooding discovery and development pipelines. Thus, analytical function is rapidly evolving, demanding high-throughput and high-resolution tools, focused biomolecular and biophysical assays, rapid analytical and impurity profiling strategies, and optimized bioprocess operations achieved through cutting-edge data analytics. The Analytics & Impurities pipeline features in-depth perspectives on the most critical steps in characterization of biologics, stability issues arising from particles, impurities, processes and effective tools and strategies for data analysis and interpretation.

Conferences Include:

1月8日 - 9日

Characterization of Biotherapeutics ( 生物学疗法的特性评估 )

1月9日 - 10日

Detection and Characterization of Particulates and Impurities ( 微粒子与杂质的检验及特性评估 )

1月11日 - 12日

Bioprocess Analytics ( 生物制程的分析法 )