Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Third Annual

Emerging Technologies for Antibody Discovery

( 发现抗体的最新技术 )

Exploring the Intersection of Display Technologies, Next-Generation Sequencing and Informatics for the Discovery of Next-Generation Biotherapeutics

2018年1月11日 - 12日


As large pharma continues its integration of biologic drugs into its product portfolios and discovery operations, it is imperative that industry companies identify truly novel drug targets for unmet medical needs - and that the biotherapeutics against these are selected and engineered to minimize development risk. For 2018, Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Third Annual Emerging Technologies for Antibody Discovery meeting considers the intersection of traditional display-based screening and selection approaches with next-generation tools such as immune repertoire sequencing, in silico modeling and high resolution imaging.

Preliminary Agenda

Combining Phage Display Antibody Selection with Proteomics

James A. Wells, Ph.D., Professor, Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California, San Francisco


Combining Screening with Phenotypic Selection

Marcin Paduch, Ph.D., Pipeline Director, Recombinant Antibody Network, University of Chicago

Phage-Displayed Ubiquitin Variant (UbV) Libraries to Rapidly Identify Potent and Highly Selective Protein-Based Inhibitors Targeting E3 Ligases and Deubiquitinases

Wei Zhang, Ph.D., Mitacs Elevate Fellow, University of Toronto

Efficient B Cell Cloning and Antibody Engineering Platform for Rare Ab Generation

Feng Shu, Ph.D., Senior Researcher, Chugai


Enhancing the Chemical Versatility of Yeast Display

James Van Deventer, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Tufts University

How Big are Antibody Libraries Really? And are we Accessing the Full Diversity?

Andrew Bradbury, Ph.D., CSO, Specifica Inc.

Dual Display Technology for "In Format" Selection and Screening of Bispecific Antibodies

Nicolas Fischer, Ph.D., Head, Research, Novimmune SA

Synthetic Human Antibody Fragment Libraries for CAR T Cell Therapy

Thomas J. Van Blarcom, Ph.D., Associate Research Fellow, Rinat Laboratories, Oncology Research and Development, Pfizer Inc.

Highly Multiplexed Cell Surfaceomics Using Genetically Barcoded Antibody-Phage

Samuel Pollock, Ph.D., Researcher, Chemistry and Chemical Biology, University of California, San Francisco


Generation of Mono and Bispecific Antibodies from Immunized Transgenic Rodents and the Potential to Engineer Multispecific Entities Using Common Light Chain Paratopes

Simon Krah, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Protein Engineering and Antibody Technologies, Merck KGaA

Discovery Platform for Antibody Generation and Screening for Different Applications

Anne Marcil, Team Lead, Monoclonal Antibodies, National Research Council Canada

Integration of Cell Panning and Phenotypic Screening

Bjorn Frendeus, Ph.D., CSO, Bioinvent

Tool and Platform Development for Antibody Developability Assessment and Mitigation

Sagar Kathuria, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Protein Engineering, Sanofi Genzyme

High Content Confocal for Antibody Selection and Potency Screening

Tianyi Wang, Ph.D., Scientist, R&D, Sorrento Therapeutics

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。