Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Second Annual

Bioprocess Analytics

( 生物制程的分析法 )

Data Measurement, Monitoring and Modeling Allow Informed Control of Bioprocesses

2018年1月11日 - 12日


The biopharmaceutical industry is meeting increasing demands and costs for biotherapeutics through process optimization. Advanced instrumentation with sampling techniques, new sensor technologies and analyzers have emerged to monitor both upstream and downstream processes. These analytical tools, however, result in large, complex datasets with multivariate interactions. The inherently complex nature of these datasets makes extraction of meaningful and relevant information a difficult task.

Cambridge Healthtech Institute's Second Annual Bioprocess Analytics conference addresses statistical analysis strategies including multivariate data analysis (MVDA), quality by design (QbD), process analytical technology (PAT) and multi-attribute method (MAM), allowing for optimized and informed control of bioprocessing.

We invite presentation proposals (both upstream and downstream processes) on the following preliminary topics:

Data Measurement

  • Bioprocess Monitoring, Characterization and Control
  • Sensors for Physicochemical Parameters, Medium and Cell Properties
  • Control of Physicochemical Parameters and Medium Components
  • Spectroscopic Methods (Fluorescence, NIR, MIR, Raman, Biosensors)
  • Other In-Line and On-Line Analytical Instruments

Data Analysis

  • Multivariate Statistical Analysis (PCA, PLS, ANN)
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Quality by Design (QbD)
  • Multi-Attribute Method (MAM)
  • Other Statistical Analysis Methods

Data Management

  • Data Collection
  • Data Mining
  • Data Storage

Data Modeling

  • Rational Process Optimization
  • Systems Biotechnology
  • Cellular "Omics"
  • Modeling Growth and Productive Phenotypes
  • Metabolic Engineering

Deadline for submission: June 30, 2017.

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the overall quality of the conference program. Please note that due to limited speaking slots, preference will be given to abstracts from those within pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies, regulators and those from academic centers. Additionally, as per CHI policy, a select number of vendors/consultants who provide products and services to these biopharmaceutical companies are offered opportunities for podium presentation based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships.

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。