New for 2018, the PepTalk Innovations in Discovery & Development pipeline offers an in-depth examination of cutting-edge science and technology to support the discovery and development of novel and differentiated drug products. Full-length programs will consider strategies for delivering therapies across the blood-brain barrier and developing highly efficacious agents against CNS disorders, foundation level training in the rapidly emerging field of phenotypic screening and emerging display and sequencing technologies for antibody discovery.

1月8日 - 9日

Advancing CNS Biotherapeutics and Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier ( 血脑障壁 )

1月9日 - 10日

Next-Generation Approaches to Antibody Screening and Discovery ( 自然组库的筛选 )

1月11日 - 12日

Emerging Technologies for Antibody Discovery ( 发现抗体的最新技术 )