Tenth Annual PEGS Europe Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit
-第10届蛋白质及抗体工程高峰会 (PEGS)欧洲大会-
地点:葡萄牙,里斯本,Lisbon Congress Center

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PEGS Europe为欧洲最大型网罗蛋白质及抗体工程各面向的活动。第9届高峰会于2017年在葡萄牙里斯本举行,汇集了来自全球35个国家、900多位与会者,创下与会者人数新高,针对该领域新进展进行了活络的讨论。2018年活动质量将更为充实。

  • 1,000位与会者
  • 225场技术展演
  • 150件最新研究成果海报发表
  • 人脉建立为目的的各种活动
  • 独家展示会及海报发表欣赏时间
  • 团体讨论、分组讨论会、小组讨论


Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) 培训讲座网罗了真实案例研讨、目前遭遇问题对策、各项议题根基的基础知识。讲座由具丰富经验的专家主持,透过正式讲座、互动讨论、实际作业,协助讲座参加者吸收知识强化学习体验。透过培训讲座能够聆听制药产业各个面向深入解说,对于企业及大学研究团队中新入足该领域的研究人员、辅助人员相当有助益。


Bicycles and Bicycle Drug Conjugates
Sir Gregory Winter, PhD, FRS, Master, Trinity College and Co-Founder and Director, Bicycle Therapeutics
Using Protein Engineering to MakeTherapeutics in Situ
Andreas G. Plückthun, PhD, Professor and Director, Department of Biochemistry, University of Zürich


“The best biologics technology meeting in Europe: a must-attend conference for novel biologics.”
- Rakesh D., PhD, VP, R&D, MedImmune

“Excellent event as usual. I always learn a substantial amount of info while at PEGS Europe.”
- Marie K., PhD, CSO, Novimmune SA

“The session was very good as was the feedback of the people I met there. So, as usual, very good meeting!”
- Christian K., PhD, Distinguished Scientist, Roche Innovation Center Zurich

“I enjoyed the meeting very much. Partly for the talks but also for the networking. I thought your topics were spot-on.”
- David S., PhD, Vice President, Xencor, Inc.

“I was very impressed with the quality of the presentations and the engagement of the attendees.”
- Yariv M., PhD, Senior Scientist, Medimmune, Inc.

“PEGS Europe is by far one of my favorite meetings, and 2017 is no exception! I enjoyed the format and the size, and also enjoyed the breadth of topics the meeting covered. I was glad to have the possibility of changing between different tracks, and thought the parallel session topics matched well with each other.”
- Laura L., PhD, Senior Director, Pfizer, Inc.

“The presentations were exceptional, covering an extraordinary array of antibody and antibody-alternative technologies. PEGS Europe is unparalleled in both scope and quality.”
- Kevin R., PhD, Scientist, Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute


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