Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 6th Annual

Antibodies Against Membrane Protein Targets
( 针对膜蛋白标靶的抗体 )

Part 1: Characterization and Structural Biology; The Development of Biotherapeutics for Ion Channel and GPCR Targets


Part 2: Antigen and Antibody Generation, Discovery of Functional Antibodies



As the pharmaceutical and biotech industries increasingly shift attention to biologics, much more attention is being paid to the prospect of membrane-bound proteins as drug targets for antibodies and other protein scaffolds. For the large GPCR and ion channel target classes, biologics offer improved selectivity, an alternative for targets with known function that have not been amenable to small molecule drugs and the potential for using antibodies for the targeted delivery of therapeutics. However, for the field to advance, fundamental challenges in optimizing antigen quality and presentation, discovery methodologies, protein engineering and target identification must be resolved.


This two-part meeting provides a forum in which discovery biologists and protein engineers can come together to discuss next generation strategies and technologies that will allow antibody- and alternate scaffold-based therapeutics directed against these target families to advance into the clinic and beyond.


Who should attend: Industry discovery stage scientists and academic researchers working to discover and develop novel biotherapeutics for ion channel, GPCR and transporter targets.


Part 1:

The first meeting in the set surveys solutions to research and development challenges specific to the ion channel and GPCR target families, and offers presentations of biotherapeutics now advancing through development and clinical studies. The segment also includes an-depth session focusing on new ion channel and GPCR structures, new tools for structural biology and the key characterization assays used to understand binding and functional activity in these targets.


Coverage will include, but is not limited to:


Ion Channel Targets

  • Assays for measurement of ion channel antibody binding and functional activity
  • Case studies of biotherapeutics in development for ion channel targets
  • Evaluation of development programs for Nav1.7 and voltage-gated sodium channels
  • Future directions of antibodies to ion channel targets; what do we know and where do we want to go?
  • Understanding ion channel targets; exploring new IC structures and findings of target biology


GPCR Targets

  • Case studies of biotherapeutics in development for GPCR targets
  • Emerging strategies for discovery of functional antibodies against GPCRs
  • Membrane protein challenges in antibodies for GPCR targets in cancer
  • New cryo-EM studies for the discovery and development of anti-GPCR antibodies
  • New understandings of chemokine receptors as potential antibody drug targets


Other Complex Membrane Protein Targets (transporters, claudins, tetraspanins, etc.)


Characterization and Structural Biology

  • Applications of structural analysis in discovery and development of antibodies against membrane proteins
  • Assays to measure binding interactions and conformational changes
  • Emerging technologies for antigen characterization
  • Epitope mapping for membrane protein targets
  • Integrating screening methods and characterization assays


Part 2:

The second conference in the set offers an examination of state of the art approaches for the expression of high quality membrane protein antigens and antibody generation, then explores selection and screening strategies that can be applied to discover binders with functional activity against GPCR and ion channel targets.


Coverage will include, but is not limited to:


Generation and Optimization of Membrane Protein Antigens

  • Conformation specific synthetic binding proteins
  • Emerging strategies for expression of complex proteins
  • Improving “shots on goal”; experimentation with multiple systems and variants; qualification of antigens for selections
  • Library design for optimized stability and expression
  • Presentation and stabilization approaches (immobilization, detergents, encapsulation, nanodiscs, liposomal systems, polymer systems)


Antibody Generation

  • Emerging immunization and in vitro strategies for antibody generation
  • Emerging transgenic discovery platforms
  • Library and repertoire design for GPCR and ion channel targets
  • Mammalian display for screening against complex membrane protein targets
  • Strategies and technologies for antibody discovery without purified proteins


Discovery of Functional Antibodies Against Membrane Protein Targets

  • Best practices discussion - what platforms and approaches are working?
  • High throughput single cell/microfluidic screening for antibody discovery
  • New approaches to hybridoma screening and display selections
  • NGS and informatics tools to improve the robustness of antibody selections
  • Overcoming the limitations of antibodies; new scaffold and product formats for membrane protein targets


* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。

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