Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 10th Annual

Inflammation Inhibitors
( 炎症抑制剂 )

Medicinal Chemistry for Oral-Based Autoimmune and Inflammation Related Therapeutics



Efforts to find and develop small molecule-based drug agents for combatting inflammation and autoimmune-related conditions is intensifying in the drug discovery industry. The first oral-based treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, a small molecule JAK kinase inhibitor, was launched a few years ago. The focus on oral-based anti-inflammatory agents (which are mostly small molecules though some macrocyclics and constrained peptides can also penetrate cells) is not only because oral-based therapeutics afford greater patient convenience, but also because of the rapidly accumulating scientific knowledge of the myriad of intracellular molecules involved in inflammation and autoimmune-related conditions. Cambridge Healthtech Institute's 10th annual Inflammation Inhibitors conference convenes discovery chemists and biologists who work on immunology-related drug targets to learn from one another and stay abreast of the latest discovery and medicinal chemistry efforts in the field.

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:

  • Nuclear hormone receptor targets (ROR, FXR, others)
  • Targeting immune modulators (c-gas, STING, RIG-1) for infectious disease, inflammation and autoimmunity
  • Lead optimization of early stage autoimmune and anti-inflammation drug candidates
  • Clinical candidates in development for IBD and other autoimmune diseases
  • NASH, fibrosis and autoimmunity: shared targets
  • Updates on 2nd generation oral-based kinase inhibitors
  • Repurposing of targets for different inflammation-related diseases (CKD, CVD, NASH and liver diseases)
  • Emerging intracellular immune-related drug targets

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。