Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s 5th Annual

Agonist Immunotherapy Targets
( 促效剂免疫疗法的标靶 )

Stepping on the Gas with Costimulatory Agents



The immunotherapies industry is currently dominated by antagonist antibodies such as PD-1 and CTLA-4. However, it is clear that antagonists alone are not enough to elicit response in the majority of patients, hence a rising interest in agonists targets.

CHI’s Agonist Immunotherapy Targets conference will examine these modalities and their treating disease. Agonists showing the most promise, including OX40, CD27, GITR, and 4-1BB, will be covered in clinical case studies by examining the data as well as the biology and mechanisms. Emerging agonists, including TNFR receptors, ICOS, STING, and VISTA will also be discussed. Focus will be given throughout to potential combination immunotherapies to ensure durable antitumor response. Overall, this event will emphasize strategies for target discovery to ensure continued growth and success for immunotherapies.

Coverage will include, but is not limited to:


  • Agonists in combination with other modalities:
    • PD-1/PD-L1
    • CAR-Ts
    • Oncolytic viruses
    • Vaccines
    • Targeted therapies
  • Emerging agonists including:
    • TNFR receptors
    • ICOS
    • VISTA
    • STING
  • Clinical case studies with OX40, CD27, GITR, and 4-1BB
  • Strategies for discovering new targets
  • Combinations to ensure durable response 

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。

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