Expression Stream

- 表现 -

Increasing Productivity, Ensuring Quality

The intrinsic nature of proteins poses endless challenges.  Meeting industry’s growing demands requires next-gen strategies, breakthrough research, and applying cutting-edge tools and technologies.  Synthetic biology, genetic engineering, Cryo-EM, crystallography and production system research are revolutionizing protein expression and leading the field into a new age of designer cells and cell lines.  The week-long Expression Stream explores ‘Difficult-to-Express’ proteins, including Membrane and other especially troublesome proteins.  “Optimizing Protein Expression” examines production strategies, as well as protein expression systems, including CHO and E. coli.  And finally, the “Protein Expression System Engineering” conference looks at the foundations of protein expression and the breakthrough research that is innovating protein production.

Conferences Include:


Difficult-to-Express Proteins
( 表现困难蛋白质 )

5月6 - 7日

Optimizing Protein Expression
( 蛋白质表现优化 )

5月7 - 8日

Protein Expression System Engineering
( 蛋白质表现系统工程 )

Keynote Speakers:

Kurt Wüthrich, PhD Professor, Biophysics, Institute of Molecular Biology, ETH Zürich

Catherine Owczarek, PhD Director, Recombinant Protein Expression Group, CSL Limited

Joshua LaBaer, MD, PhD Executive Director & Professor, Molecular Sciences, BioDesign Institute, Arizona State University

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