DDTWC 2017 虚拟海报发表

Drug Discovery & Therapy World Congress 2017 is pleased to offer the options of a e-Poster Poster. This would provide presenters the unique opportunity to present posters at this prestigious international event without their physical presence.

Poster presenters can have a physical poster posted on the board and present it virtually. Communication between the e-Poster presenters and the participants can be facilitated through Skype (live) or via email. Despite the presenters' physical absence from the conference, their virtual presence through Skype will effectively enable transmission of information by the presenter to the attendees about his/her research and in return, the attendees will have a chance to interact with the presenter and communicate their queries, concerns, comments and opinions in an interactive environment.

Guidelines for presenting a e-Poster

Submission of abstract: Interested presenters may initially submit their one page abstract for consideration of the Advisory board.

Registration procedure: On acceptance of the abstract, you will receive a security code which will assist you in proceeding with the registration formalities.

Registration fee: e-Poster Presenters may register at a nominal fee of $300.

e-Poster Interactive Session: To ensure an interactive e-Poster session, kindly send your Skype ID.

Display timings: e-Poster will be displayed on 12th and 13th of July 2017 between 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. Easter Standard Time. You would need to be available and logged on to your Skype account during this time if you opt for live interaction.

Benefits of e-Posters:

e-Posters provide a number of benefits to presenters who may not be able to attend the conference.

  • Exposure from your workplace or home: Your work receives due exposure, ruling out the need of your presence at the conference.
  • Online collaboration: Participants may have the chance to collaborate with you online.
  • Cost effective No travel and hotel accommodation costs incurred.
  • Lower registration fee: Presenters may register at a nominal fee of $300 for e-Posters.
  • Enhances visualization for Posters: This mode of presentation enhances visualization of the posters to attract interest of the attendees
  • Interactivity- The audience may interact with the e-Poster presenter either through Skype (live) or via email for their queries regarding the presented research.

Prospective poster presenters seeking a virtual participation in the conference may send in their presentations on the following addresses:

  • e-Poster (Traditionally Printed Posters but without the physical participation of the presenter): Printed posters may be sent to

Attn: Ms. Erika Loomis
M/s Freeman
25 Doherty Ave
Avon, MA 02322
Tel: 508-894-5012
Cell: 617-908-7626

To reach by July 6th, 2017 along with your Skype id (if you want an interactive session with the attendees). Registration fee for virtual participation for will be: $300 and will close on July 6th, 2017.