The Application of Printed, Organic and Flexible Electronics
2018年11月14-15日 | 美国加州圣塔克拉拉,Santa Clara Convention Center

Printed Electronics USA 2018
地点:美国加州圣塔克拉拉,Santa Clara Convention Center
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IDTechEx Show! USA 2017 Highlights. Watch Now.


  • 以终端用户的需求和对业界的希望为焦点,透过案例研究等,阐明各种要求和商机。
  • 介绍最新的技术和产品开发、蓝图等,阐明各种可能性和成本、开发计划。
  • 发表盈利和市场规模等,市场相关见识与业界相关评估。
  • 提供您与许多终端用户和采用技术的企业干部建立人脉的机会。
  • 藉由同时举办复数会议,网罗所有相关市场。




做为The IDTechEx Show! 一部份的Printed Electronics USA,结合了穿戴式技术、感测器技术、IoT、3D列印、石墨烯与2D材料、以及能源储存、电动车、能源采集等相关活动将同时举办。所有活动都是以企业干部为对象,为期二日的会议,同时也将召开共通的展示会。这些活动同时举办不但是因为彼此重合的主题甚多,更可提供您接触所有相关供应链和客户群的机会,基于为您省下参加活动之时间及费用的考量而如此安排。


A must attend event for anyone with even a slight interest in printed electronics - absolutely the most comprehensive industry representation of any printed electronics conference

GSI Technologies

It is refreshing to note this conference continues to grow in both the number of attendees, and it's relevance to the emerging printed and flexible electronics industry innovations." Therefore we find the annual Printed Electronics USA Conference offers us ideal timing for the announcement and promotion of our new product introductions, because we know key decision makers will be attending the event.

DuPont Teijin Films

The networking event for printed electronics!


Glad to see the growth. We plan to attend next year as well.

Adhesives Research Inc

The Printed Electronics USA show was very successful for our company. We were met with great interest and already know after one week that several of the potential customers we met are very serious. Thank you IDTechEx for your good organization and service.

DB Patterning

We thoroughly enjoyed this year's event. The conferences were very informative and we were exposed to plenty of new and exciting technologies that we believe can help our company reach the next level. Looking forward to next year.

GGI International

For Printed Electronics, there is no other event that holds a candle to this one.


Excellent! So many partners and customers.

Hitachi Chemical

Technologies covered include:

  • Display and Lighting innovation
  • Flexible sensors
  • Haptics and human interface technologies
  • Energy harvesting
  • Structural electronics & 3D Printed Electronics
  • Hybrid electronics manufacturing
  • Enabling new materials

Applications covered include:

  • Automotive
  • Healthcare
  • Wearables
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Packaging
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industrial Infrastructure