The Application of Printed, Organic and Flexible Electronics
2018年11月14-15日 | 美国加州圣塔克拉拉,Santa Clara Convention Center





  • 这个活动的出席者在近年来急速增加,2017年的出席者比前一年增加了18%。
  • 为期二天的会期将可与来自60个国家之企业、团体之高层干部(CEO、副总裁、高层干部)约3,500人直接见面进行商谈,是您建立人脉的宝贵机会。
  • 以印刷电子产品为主题的活动中,这是最大规模及拥有最悠久历史,在业界内最广为人知的活动。
  • 和其它活动相比,本活动吸引众多终端用户,焦点主题也以印刷电子产品的商业化为核心。
  • 本活动与另外8个活动同时举行。广泛网罗新材料及元件,预定将有超过250个演讲,及270家以上的参展商共襄盛举。


I attended the Exhibits only but thought that it was very well organized: good representation from materials and equipment suppliers together with some good demo from research centers.

Texas Instruments

The exhibit keeps getting bigger and better. Looking forward to next year's event.


In terms of quality leads - not just business card counting, this event always meets our expectations, and gets even better with the years. Especially the entire supply chain from suppliers to end-users is being represented with no gap in- between.


We definitely saw more visitors this year. The experience and knowledge levels of the attendees were also generally higher, and the questions our experts addressed following our presentations and at our booth represented a wide range of application interests. IDTechEx does a commendable job of bringing the printed electronics community together to foster business.