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KNect 365 does not have a third party hotel booking agency representing this event aside from the below links. If you are contacted to book accommodation by any agency, this is not recommended as they are unknown to KNect 365 and the hotel.


Crowne Plaza Barcelona - Fira Center

Avenida Rius

Taulet, 1-3, Barcelona

8004, Spain

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Vibrant, modern, internationally renowned, Mediterranean, multicultural, entrepreneurial, open, friendly and stunningly attractive, with an outstanding gastronomic, architectural and cultural heritage. No doubt about it, we're talking about Barcelona. Few cities in the world offer so many reasons to choose them as the best place to celebrate a very special event!

So, whether you're here for the duration of the eRegulatory Summit, or extend your trip to a longer stay, be sure to make the most of this exciting new location...