Day 1: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Keynote session: Indonesian nickel industry - export ban, refining capacity and project updates

9:00AM Opening address
9:15AM Export mining ban update - Government of Indonesia
  • How much nickel ore will be exported following the relaxation of the ban?
  • How many export licences will be granted?
  • What effect will this have on the nickel price and the Indonesian smelting industry?

Senior Representative, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Government of Indonesia

9:45AM The Indonesian nickel industry - challenges and opportunities
  • PT Antam's nickel projects
  • Developments in the domestic nickel industry
  • What affects will the new export policies have on the Indonesian nickel industry?

Senior Representative, PT Antam

10:15AM Nickel smelting and NPI production - Indonesia
  • PT Virtue Dragon - project update
  • Future growth plans in the Indonesian nickel industry
  • How does the VDNI growth strategy fit with the Indonesian nickel market?

Agus Suhartano, Manager, PT Virtue Dragon Nickel Industry

10:45AM Networking refreshment break
11:30AM New production technology and capacity
  • Update on blackspace's new nickel processing line

Senior Representative, blackspace

12:00PM Legal ramifications of Government of Indonesia's raw materials export policies?
  • Current requirements for obtaining an export license
  • Ramifications of easing nickel ore export ban
  • Unpredictability of Government policy re nickel ore exports
  • New dynamics in 2018 - 2019

Bill Sullivan, Senior Foreign Counsel, Christian Teo & Partners (in association with Stephenson Harwood LLP)

12:30PM Networking lunch break
2:00PM Indonesian nickel industry panel - the future of the nickel industry in Indonesia
  • How has the nickel ore ban affected the industry?
  • What will the easing on low quality exports mean for miners, smelters and traders?
  • How is nickel mining progressing in Indonesia? How are mines being optimized?
  • New smelting capacity - which projects are nearing completion? What will be the total smelting capacity in Indonesia in 2018? How will it be supplied?
  • Moving downstream - how feasible is further integrations into stainless steel production in Indonesia? Will we see "smelting synchronization" in Indonesia?

Steven Brown, General Manager - Business Development, PT Vale Indonesia
Vince Gowan, Vice Chairman, Kadin Indonesia, BIP Council

Session II: The Philippines - mining growth and investment potential

2:45PM Nickel mining in the Philippines - capacity and growth potential
  • Update on government policy on nickel mines in the Philippines
  • 2017 shipping outlook for Filipino ore
  • What affect will Indonesia re-entering the export market have?

Koichi Ishihara, Vice President - Marketing & Procurement, Nickel Asia Corporation

Session III: China - market setting imports, investment in Indonesia and stainless-steel demand

4:00PM Chinese nickel - how will the market develop?
  • How is the supply and demand balance evolving in the nickel industry?
  • What is the current situation in the Chinese NiFe and NPI markets? What factors will affect their growth?

Laurent Montcoutie, China Sales General Manager - Nickel Division, Eramet Comilog (Shanghai) Trading Co

4:30PM China nickel panel - how is the industry evolving?
  • Nickel procurement strategies - investing in Indonesia facilities and other options
  • Stainless steel market dynamics - growth slowing but strong fundamentals
  • Chinese NPI - surge in imports and difficult domestic production conditions. How can Chinese producers adapt to compete?

Chair: Ellie Wang, Senior Nickel and Ferro-chrome Analyst, Metal Bulletin

Day 2: Thursday, September 28, 2017

Session IV: End uses - stainless steel fundamentals and demand potential of the battery industry

9:00AM Stainless steel - defining nickel prices
  • How will the global stainless steel market grow? Supply and demand factors in the stainless steel market in respect to nickel fluctuation
  • What effects does fluctuation in nickel supply and price have on stainless steel margins and profitability?
  • Demand outstripping current supply - how is the stainless steel production industry likely to evolve in Indonesia?
  • Environmental sustainability vs stainless steel profit margins - how attractive are alternatives to nickel in stainless steel production?

Rajesh Khosla, President Director, Jindal Stainless Indonesia

9:30AM Batteries - new demand potential
  • How is the battery market developing?
  • Global Electronic Vehicle (EV) demand forecasts - which regions have targets in place for EV production and use? What policies are likely to encourage production?
  • How much nickel is likely to be required for future EV battery demand? How will it be catered for? When could we potentially see a ramp up in demand?
  • Disruptive alternatives - are there any non-nickel alternative battery technologies which may threaten nickel demand?
10:00AM Scrap: Part of the raw material mix and an environmental friendly option

Dr Gerhard Pariser, Head of Market Research, ELG Haniel

Session V: Nickel prices and supply and demand balance - where are prices heading?

11:00AM Analysts angle - panel discussion forecasting nickel prices
  • Where are nickel prices likely to normalise in 2018?
  • Indonesian export ban easing and Filipino output increase - is the predicted nickel ore deficit likely to materialise? If so when?
  • How is the supply and demand balance likely to evolve?
  • Market fundamentals - what factors are likely to define the nickel price? How are fundamentals differing from market sentiment?
  • Low price environment - are we likely to see consolidation and capacity closures? What price point will allow high cost producers to remain in the market?
  • What affect will an idled capacity overhang have on the long-term price?
  • Stockpiles on and off exchange - stockpile depletion and likely price consequences

Chair: Ellie Wang, Senior Nickel and Ferro-chrome Analyst, Metal Bulletin

11:45AM Exchanges - what role do exchanges play in the nickel industry?
  • Price discovery and price risk management
  • Exchange's perspective: LME Ni market trends -price, open interest and stocks
  • Arbitrage trading across exchanges - LME and SHFE

Edric Koh, Head of Physical Market Sales, Southeast Asia, LME

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。

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