The Battery and EV Briefing Day: Tuesday, June 26, 2018

9:30AM Registration desk opens
10:25AM Opening remarks
10:30AM Industrial Minerals: Battery Pricing Workshop
Martim Facada, Lithium Expert and Market Reporter, Industrial Minerals
Christopher Kavanagh, Reporter, American Metal Market
11:00AM The path forward for lithium carbonate processing
Christopher Meadows, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sturtevant, Inc.
John Bygrave, Director of Sales and Marketing, K.R.Komarek, Inc.
11:30AM How to stay ahead of the game? The future of Li-ion battery technologies
  • Why are we where we are with EV's?
  • What are the challenges going ahead?
  • What's next after Li-ion technology?
Emilio Bunel, Vice President Innovation, SQM
12:00PM Outlook for EV adoption
  • Update on the current situation by region and by technology type
  • Key drivers for major markets, plus what is holding sales back
  • Expected macro-developments in battery cost, performance and charging infrastructure
  • Forecast of EV sales by region


Al Bedwell, Director, Global Powertrain, LMC Automotive
12:30PM Networking lunch break
1:45PM How bright is the future really for electric vehicles and batteries?
  • The economics of electric vehicles
  • Scale issues and costs concerns
  • Range extended electric vehicles and their advantages
Jon Hykawy, President, Stormcrow Capital
2:15PM Panel: Cobalt, nickel and graphite supply chain assessment for EV batteries
  • How can the supply side keep up with demand?
  • Cobalt - the DRC in the spotlight: Key problems and their influence on meeting future demand for cobalt.
  • Cobalt: What are major concerns to cobalt's use in EV technologies?
  • Nickel: What does the future of nickel grade battery look like in terms of price benchmarks?
  • Nickel: How will miners adapt to increased nickel sulphate demand?
  • Graphite for lithium ion batteries: What are the latest developments?
  • Graphite: Can global production meet future supply demands for battery applications?
Moderator: Christopher Kavanagh, Reporter, American Metal Market
Gerry Hand, VP Marketing, Superior Graphite
Anthony Milewski, Chairman, Cobalt27
Mark Selby, President and CEO, Royal Nickel Corporation
3:00PM Networking break
3:30PM Valuable method for producing cathode materials
  • Introduction into new cathode producing technology
  • How will this new technology add value to the lithium supply chain and battery market?
  • What are the key advantages of this technology?
Dan Blondal, CEO, Nano One Materials Corp
4:00PM Masterclass: Advanced lithium-ion battery chemistries today and for the next generation
  • Today's lithium-ion batteries.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of today's batteries?
  • Thinking about next generation lithium-ion batteries and their advantages, such as solid state batteries.
Chloe Holzinger, Research Associate, Lux Research
4:30PM Myths and realities in the lithium market
Ken Hoffman, Basic Materials Expert, McKinsey & Company
5:00PM Registration desk opens
6:00PM Welcome party

Day 1: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

7:15AM Registration opens
8:45AM Opening remarks
William Adams, Head of Research, Metal Bulletin
8:50AM Welcome address
Peter Fitzmaurice, General Manager, Industrial Minerals

Session I: Lithium fundamentals from the world leaders' perspective

9:00AM Keynote session: Looking at a bright future?

Senior executives examine and discuss global industry challenges and strategy

  • How do world leading suppliers of lithium expect the lithium market to mature over the next 5 years? What is their role in this?
  • Analysing how the supply side can keep up with demand.
  • Examining how key environmental regulations are impacting the future development of the lithium industry.
  • Battery market: What are the key opportunities and challenges for lithium?
Moderator: Martim Facada, Lithium Expert and Market Reporter, Industrial Minerals
Tom Schneberger, Chief Operating Officer, FMC Lithium
Anthony Tse, Managing Director, Galaxy Resources Limited
Felipe Smith, Business Intelligence & Business Development Vp, SQM
James Calaway, Chairman, Global Geoscience
10:00AM Networking coffee break

Session II: Key trends in the lithium industry

10:30AM Industrial Minerals insights: Market outlook
  • Contract vs spot market and price forecasts.
  • Industrial Minerals role in price discovery and reporting.
  • What were the most important takeaways from the Battery Materials Conference?
Martim Facada, Lithium Expert and Market Reporter, Industrial Minerals
William Adams, Head of Research, Metal Bulletin
11:00AM Panel: Market insights, future pricing and key trends
  • Recap of 2017: Highlighting changes since last year and new concerns for the lithium market.
  • Optimizing the value chain: How can the whole industry work together to ensure value and maximized profits?
  • What are the driving forces behind the price development for the upcoming two years? When will a supply and demand balance be found?
  • If the price rise stops, what will the impact be for supply/demand dynamics?
  • How strong are lithium's fundamentals compared to nickel, cobalt, copper and graphite?
Moderator: Chris Berry, Founder, House Mountain Partners
Daniela Desormeaux, General Manager, SignumBox
Jon Hykawy, President, Stormcrow Capital
Ernie Ortiz, President & Managing Director, Waratah Capital Advisors
William Adams, Head of Research, Metal Bulletin

Session III: The investor insights

12:00PM Battery metals fund and funding lithium projects
  • 2016: The year of opportunities in battery materials and the rise of an award winning battery metals fund. 
  • What are the ideal parameters for investors when considering funding lithium projects?
  • Strategic approach for lithium projects: What makes good partnerships and why are they a vital component for investors?
Tobias Tretter, Managing Director, Commodity Capital AG
12:30PM CAPEX and OPEX for lithium carbonate plants from brines
Eduardo Montegu, Project Manager, Worley Parsons
1:00PM Networking lunch break

Session IV: Highlighting the Chinese lithium market

2:30PM China and its lithium supply and demand dynamics
  • Understanding the supply/ demand balance of a continuously expanding lithium industry in China.
  • What is in the pipeline for Chinese lithium supply for the next five years?
  • Assessing the consequences for increased environmental regulations for the Chinese lithium mining sector.
  • What are the new economic incentives and technology thresholds introduced in 2017-2018 to incentive electric vehicle purchases? Did they affect the projected growth figures?


Jingwen Sun, Analyst - Lithium & Cobalt, Changjiang Securities

Main stage

3:00PM Lithium Projects Showcase

Opportunities for new and more established lithium projects to exhibit and showcase their project developments.


15:00 Pilbara Minerals 

15:15  Neo Metals

15:30  LSC Lithium

15:45  Neo Lithium 

16:00  Desert Lion Energy Inc. 


Michael Tamlin, Chief Operating Officer, Neometals
Ian Stalker, Chief Executive Officer, LSC Lithium Corporation
Ken Brinsden, Managing Director, Pilbara Minerals Limited
Waldo Perez, CEO, NeoLithium
Tim Johnston, President And Ceo, Desert Lion Energy

Roundtable 1

3:30PM All you need to know about current battery chemistries and in near future
  • Introduction to electrodes, electrolyte, semiconductors and other key components which determine battery performance.
  • Which materials are considered to be game changers for the cathode industry and how are they mixed for optimal cell performance?
  • How much lithium, nickel, cobalt and other materials go into a battery?
Emilio Bunel, Vice President Innovation, SQM

Roundtable 2

3:30PM Advanced lithium-ion battery chemistries today and for the next generation

Introducting roundtables sessions to the Lithium Conference! Gain invaluable insight from industry leaders who will guide the discussion and tackle the key industry issues. Take away practical, tangible ideas for your business.

  • Today's lithium-ion batteries.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of today's batteries?
  • Thinking about next generation lithium-ion batteries and their advantages, such as solid state batteries.
Chloe Holzinger, Research Associate, Lux Research
David Deak, CTO; Senior Vice President, Lithium Americas Corp
4:15PM Networking break

Roundtable 3

4:45PM Critical assessment of electric vehicle(EV) push and lithium
  • Addressing concerns: How to maintain the same flexibility of driving diverse distances, use of the right sustainable materials, and ensure lower costs for the electric vehicle.
  • What is the average life cycle of lithium-ion batteries in EVs?
  • Which promising other battery chemistries can take over from the lithium-ion battery for the EV market?
Jon Hykawy, President, Stormcrow Capital
Ken Hoffman, Basic Materials Expert, McKinsey & Company

Roundtable 4

4:45PM Energy storage and mobile lithium-ion batteries chemistry
  • How do EV lithium-ion batteries differ to that of energy storage and mobile lithium-ion batteries?
  • Since 2016, how have predictions for the growth capacity of the energy storage sector changed?
  • What are the latest developments for energy storage batteries for the residential, community and commercial sector?
Chloe Holzinger, Research Associate, Lux Research

Main stage

4:45PM Lithium Project Showcase

16:45   Global Geoscience

17:00   Keliber Oy

17:15   Altura Mining

17:30   Sigma 

17:45   Dark Horse Resources


Pertti Lamberg, CEO, KELIBER OY
Calvyn Gardner, Chief Executive Officer, Sigma Lithium Resources Inc.
Chris Evans, Chief Operating Officer, Altura Mining
David Mason, Managing Director, Dark Horse Resources
Bernard Rowe, Managing Director, Global Geoscience
6:00PM Close day 1 & 10th Anniversary Party

Join us for the 10th Anniversary Celebration Party of the Lithium Conference. 


Day 2: Thursday, June 28, 2018

7:30AM Registration opens
8:35AM Opening remarks

Session VI: Lithium applications in the spotlight

8:45AM Panasonic's lithium procurement policy
  • Introduction of Panasonic's battery business
  • Usage plan of LiOH, Li2CO3, Li Metal
  • Lithium market views
  • Lithium procurement policy
Masaharu Nagata, Executive Vice President, Panasonic Corporation - Global Procurement Company
9:15AM Northvolt: Europe's largest lithium-ion battery cell factory
  • Introduction to Northvolt. The company and the project
  • Lithium hydroxide v lithium carbonate 
  • European angle: Raw material availability (or lack of) and opportunities
Paolo Cerruti, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Northvolt AB
9:45AM Panel: Global Battery Market and its current opportunities and challenges
  • How can the EV sector stay ahead of regulatory changes in Europe, China and from the current US administration?
  • What are the potential external risks and industry pitfalls which could influence the battery sector's growth rate?
  • Where are the emerging yet untapped markets with major potential growth, think of India and Africa?
  • Can future battery recipes, such as solid state batteries disrupt the current NCA/ NMC based Li-ion recipes?
  • Vertical integration: Should cathode manufacturers consider building at lithium mine sites?
  • Giga & mega factories: What is their impact on the global battery and EV market?
Moderator: William Adams, Head of Research, Metal Bulletin
Ana Cabral-Gardner, Vice-Chairman of the Board, A10 Investimentos Ltd.
Michael Beck, President, Regent Advisors LLC
Chloe Holzinger, Research Associate, Lux Research
Shailesh Upreti, President, C4V New York
Anthony Milewski, Chairman, Cobalt27
10:45AM Networking break

Session VII: Opportunities within the lithium-ion recycling arena

11:15AM Q&A: Secondary lithium via lithium-ion battery recycling
  • In the long-term: Will secondary supply be the solution to the shortages in the value chain?
  • How will secondary lithium supply impact the whole supply chain?
  • What are the most prominent opportunities and challenges for the lithium-ion battery recyclers?
Moderator: Ajay Kochhar, President and CEO, Li-Cycle Corp
Larry W. Reaugh, President & CEO, Director, American Manganese
Todd Coy, Executive Vice President, Retriev Technology
Michael Tamlin, Chief Operating Officer, Neometals
Shailesh Upreti, President, C4V New York

Session VIII: Innovation in extracting and processing lithium

12:00PM Tenova lithium recovery process - Solvay CYANEX® 936 inside
Jonathan Lipp, CTO - Lithium, Tenova Advanced Technologies
12:25PM Sedimentary lithium deposits: Advances in extraction technology
  • Understanding the lithium extraction process from sedimentary deposits.
  • What are the obstacles and challenges?
  • How will this new technology disrupt the supply chain?
Tom Benson, Lead Global Geologist, Lithium Americas Corp.
Rene Leblanc, Senior Process Development Manager, Lithium Americas Corp
12:50PM Networking lunch break
2:15PM Li Project Economics: The Highway to Success
  • Understand the most significant challenges for lithium projects in today's modern world.
  • How do you establish a credible baseline for both technical scrutiny and providing a robust business case?
  • What are the key drivers that need to be considered to pave the way to a successful lithium project?
  • What capital and operating cost benchmark data should be used to calibrate emerging lithium projects?
Troy Cassels, Hatch Pty Ltd
2:40PM Lithium extraction from brine: Its history and today's technology
  • Brief history of the evolution of lithium brine productions.
  • What are current challenges in extracting lithium from brines?
  • Processing insights: Lithium hydroxide versus lithium carbonate.
Jose Gustavo de Castro, Director and COO, NRG Metals Inc.
3:00PM Downstream with a paddle: how to get to nameplate in downstream processing
  • Background: Industry track record
  • Process: LiOH and Li2CO3 flowsheets for various lithium sources (inc. hard rock and brine)
  • Lessons learnt: Challenges, bottlenecks and operational considerations from recent plants
  • Solutions: Study and design phase, concept of TOTEX, design for reliability, specification of equipment and case examples
  • Solutions: Transition to operations phase, operational readiness, commissioning, use of connected data and case examples
Ryan Hanrahan, Director and Mechanical Engineer, Wave International

Session IX: Highlighting key lithium supply regions: Regulations and ambitions

3:20PM Panel: Current Practices and Pitfalls with Lithium Off-Take Agreements
  • Assessing: Issues to overcome
  • Viability and economics?
  • Particular issues for the lithium industry 




Moderator: David Redford, Partner, Cassels Brock
Brian Dominique, Partner, Cassels Brock
Anthony Tse, Managing Director, Galaxy Resources Limited
Daniela Desormeaux, General Manager, SignumBox
4:00PM Networking break
4:30PM Influences on electrification adoption in the US
  • US EV trends and how they compare to global trends
  • Impact of CAFE changes on US electrified vehicle sales
  • Other challenges to the expansion of increase electrification
Kevin Riddell, Senior Manager, Americas Powertrain Forecasting, LMC Automotive
4:50PM Chile and its lithium salt fields
  • Realising shared value concept for local communities now and for the next generation.
  • Sharing insights from new lithium production facilities: lithium projects in Maricunga and Perdernales.
  • New government: How will new regulations impact the Chilean lithium mining industry?
Arlene Ebensperger Jessen, Executive Director, Metals and Non-Metals Mining Committee CORFO
5:15PM End of conference

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。

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