Pre-conference day: Battery Chemistries

Date: 4月10日(三)
Location: Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai
Cost: $500

PLEASE NOTE: Registration to the Battery Chemistries briefing day is only open to registered Battery Materials 2019 attendees.


8:15    Registration desk opens

9:25    Opening remarks

9:30   Today’s lithium-ion battery chemistries

  • Why and how did we get to today’s li-ion chemistries?
  • Assessing li-ion battery types for the relative advantages and disadvantages
  • EVs fast pace development: Can the battery chemistry enhancement keep up?

    Xiaobai Liu, Senior Consultant, Roskill

10:00    Energy density and the future of EV batteries

  • Energy density and its impact on EV range and battery cost
  • Battery chemistry and technology and its consequences for EVs
  • EV platform and battery pack cost developments
  • Outlook for EVs and battery demand

Adam Panayi, Managing Director, Rho Motion

10:30    Next generation lithium-ion batteries

  • What will the future li-ion batteries be?
  • 811: Adaption and concerns
  • Understanding the time-line when they will be commercially viable

    Speaker to be confirmed

11:00    Are solid-state batteries the future?

  • What is being developed and by whom?
  • For what applications are they going to be used?
  • When will commercialization be realized?

         Emily Hersh, Managing Partner, DCDB Group

11:20    Solid-state batteries and powering the future

  • How do solid-state batteries work and differ from previous li-ion battery chemistries?
  • What are their advantages for EVs?
  • What are the concerns and risks?
  • How will the shift to solid-state batteries affect the battery sector?
  • Lithium metal: What will the challenges be to create this anode?

Moderator: Ken Hoffman, Basic Metals Expert, McKinsey & Company

Dr. Emilio Bunel, Vice President Innovation, SQM

Emily Hersh, Managing Partner, DCDB Group

Dan Blondal, CEO, Nano One

Hu Liuquan, Managing Director, Hunan Changyuan Lico Co., Ltd.


12:00    Lunch break


Alternatives to li-ion battery chemistries

13:30    Vanadium redox-flow batteries

  • How do they work?
  • What are their advantages and disadvantages in comparison to li-ion batteries?
  • How much do these batteries cost?
  • Vanadium supply, demand and prices: Trends affecting the uptake of these batteries

    Gary Yang, Chief Strategy Officer, UniEnery Technologies (UET)

14:00    Zinc: Promising battery technology

  • Understanding the advantages of zinc-nickel batteries
  • What is the potential for zinc batteries? For which markets?
  • What is the timeline to becoming a key market player?

    Craig Wilkins, Executive Vice President, ZAF Energy Systems

14:30    Are pure EVs really the best solution for the green future?

  • What materials are really going to be an issue for the future we aim for now?
  • Scale issues and cost concerns
  • Range extended EVs and their advantages

    Jon Hykawy, President, Stormcrow

15:00    Networking break

15:30    Energy storage market insights

  • What are the latest developments for the global and Chinese energy storage market?
  • Short history of energy sector globally and how this is supposed to develop in the future
  • How do EV lithium-ion batteries differ to energy storage and mobile li-ion batteries?

    Daixin Li, Energy Storage & Battery Supply Chain, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

16:00    End of pre-conference day


PLEASE NOTE: Registration to the Battery Chemistries briefing day is only open to registered Battery Materials 2019 attendees.


* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。

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