会前研讨会 : Battery and EV Briefing Day: 2019年6月10日(一)

9:00AM Pre-conference: Battery and EV Briefing Day

This Battery and EV Briefing Day will focus on the following topics:

  • Outlook for Electric Vehicle (EV) adoption
  • Chinese EV market and cathode selections
  • Cobalt, nickel and graphite in Li-ion batteries
  • Future of mobility
  • Next generation lithium-ion batteries
  • Solid-state lithium-ion batteries
  • Critical look at cathodes and their raw materials composition

PLEASE NOTE: This day requires an additional registration fee to attend.

You can view the full agenda for the day and registration details here>>>

4:15PM Pricing workshop

Open to all conference delegates

Details to follow - by Fastmarkets Price Development Team

5:30PM Welcome party (Hosted by SQM)

You are invited to the SQM welcome drinks party. Come and enjoy champagne, great food and catch up with old and new friends.

主要会议: 第一天: 2019年6月11日(二)

7:30AM Registration desk opens
8:45AM Opening address
8:50AM Welcome address
Pablo Altimiras, Vice President of Lithium and Iodine Business, SQM

Lithium fundamentals from the world leaders’ perspective

9:00AM Keynote address: Chile and lithium industry
9:15AM Executive panel discussion

Senior executives examine and discuss the global lithium industry

  • Stress on the supply chain: Discussing challenges and opportunities
  • Commoditisation, standardisation and meeting long term demand
  • Impact of weather and regulatory uncertainties on the brines
  • How will the lithium market mature over the next 5 years?
  • Discussing heterogeneity of lithium deposits - carbonates and hydroxides - how to eventually arrive at a more homogenous product offering?
  • Lithium-ion battery market: How to make the supply chain more sustainable and effective?

Confirmed panellists:

Senior representative Tianqi Lithium

Moderator: Martim Facada, Senior Market Reporter, Fastmarkets
Eric Norris, President, Lithium, Albemarle Corporation
Pablo Altimiras, Vice President of Lithium and Iodine Business, SQM
10:15AM Networking coffee break
10:45AM 10 years of the lithium conference- looking back and forward
  • How has the lithium industry changed since the 2009 Lithium conference?
  • What can we expect for upcoming year?
  • Looking to the future: What might the lithium industry look like 10 years from now?
Daniela Desormeaux, Gerente General , SignumBox
11:15AM Tianqi Lithium to present
Vivian Wu, President, Tianqi Lithium Corporation
11:35AM The three Ps: Prices, products and places
  • Pricing trends across the world
  • In which products are noticeable developments happening?
  • Price forecasts for upcoming year
Martim Facada, Senior Market Reporter, Fastmarkets
William Adams, Head of Base Metals and Battery Research, Fastmarkets
12:00PM Lithium: A pricing evolution
  • How has differing demands for transparency throughout the lithium supply chain impacted pricing?
  • What are the existing obstacles associated with adopting a third party pricing mechanism?
  • How has the move from the LME to develop a cash-settled contract affected the development of a benchmark?
  • What are the current inadequacies in the pricing mechanisms provided by PRA’s?
  • Will increased pressure for transparency and the potential opportunity to manage risk on lithium lead to a move away from trade statistic based pricing mechanisms?

Speakers to be announced

Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
Anthony Tse, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Resources Limited
12:45PM Networking lunch break

Regional focus: South America

2:00PM CORFO’s efforts for Chilean’s future lithium industry
  • R&D: creating the first Chilean Institute for Clean Technologies
  • Chile is open for business - developing Chile’s lithium industry by added value
  • Recycling and circular economy: ‘Urban Mining’ for Electric Vehicles first Economy Center of Latin America
Victoria Paz, Director of Strategy and Sustainability, CORFO
2:20PM The impact of weather on lithium ponds
  • How have heavy rains impacted the lithium brines?
  • Dry season
  • Concerns and dealing with uncertainties of the weather
Jose Gustavo de Castro, Manager of Lithium Operations, Lithium Chile
2:40PM Networking break
3:30PM Tres Quebradas (3Q) lithium project
Waldo Perez, CEO, NeoLithium
3:50PM On track for pilot operations and definitive feasibility in Q2 2019
Farhad Abasov, CEO, Director, Millennial Lithium
4:10PM Value creators, lithium and gold in Argentina
David Mason, Managing Director, Dark Horse Resources
4:30PM Maricunga - Chile’s next lithium mine
Cristobal Garcia-Huidobro, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Lithium Power International Ltd
4:50PM 17 Premier projects - in the world’s highest-grade lithium district
Steven Cochrane, President/CEO, Lithium Chile Inc.

Breakout sessions - Smaller conference rooms

2:00PM Breakout session 1: Recycling of lithium-ion batteries
  • Will secondary supply be the solution to the shortages in the value chain?
  • How will secondary lithium supply impact the whole supply chain?

Speakers tbc

3:00PM Breakout session 2: Financing a lithium project
  • Case studies
  • How to start?
  • What to consider?

Jon Hykawy, President, Stormcrow Capital
Philip Clegg, Portfolio Manager, Orion Resource Partners
Howard Klein, Partner, RK Equity
4:00PM Breakout session 3: Future Mobility

details to follow soon

Chloe Holzinger, Senior Research Associate, Lux Research
Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company
5:00PM Breakout session 4:Lithium-ion batteries and their future

Ask the battery experts anything you need to know

Chloe Holzinger, Senior Research Associate, Lux Research
Ken Hoffman, Leader McKinsey EV Battery Materials Research Group, McKinsey& Company

Innovation in extracting and processing lithium (MAIN STAGE)

5:10PM Global cost structures for lithium processing
  • What are typical costs of hard rock and brine plants around the world?
  • How much should the costs be?
Nicholas Johns, Senior Process Engineer, Hatch Pty Ltd
5:30PM Optimized process for lithium production with KBR technologies
Juho Savikangas, Process Engineer, KBR
5:50PM Solvent extraction of lithium through Cyanex® 936
Alejandro Quilodran, Chemical Engineer, SOLVAY SA
6:15PM Celebrate the good times - Networking party hosted by Tianqi Lithium

After a full day of meetings and learning the latest development in the lithium industry, you have earned a pisco sour and great food! Come join our networking party.

主要会议: 第二天: 2019年6月12日(三)

8:15AM Registration desk opens


8:55AM Opening remarks
9:00AM China and its lithium supply and demand dynamics
  • Different logic between China and lithium market outside of market (commodity vs. speciality chemical)
  • Taking a closer look at WA concentrate, China lithium salt capacity/output and China cathode and battery output.
  • Hard-rock or brine? Looking at Qinghai output, cost curve, product quality and Capex.
Jingwen Sun, Analyst - Lithium & Cobalt, Changjiang Securities
9:30AM Inside the Asian battery market
  • How is the Chinese lithium and battery market structured?
  • How many converters are there and how much is their capacity?
  • What are the new economic incentives for electric vehicle purchases? Did they affect the projected growth figurers?
Robert Baylis, Managing Director, Roskill Information Services
10:00AM Australian lithium industry under the microscope
  • Closer look at the Australian lithium value chain
  • Future opportunities:
    • How can Australia maximize their lithium wealth?
    • How to increase their competitive position within global lithium supply chain?
  • Downstream: What are the plans for increasing cathode production in Australia?
Alex Cheeseman, GM Marketing, Altura Mining
Anthony Tse, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Galaxy Resources Limited
10:45AM Networking break
11:15AM Mt Marion lithium project - Neometals
Michael Tamlin, Chief Operating Officer, Neometals
11:35AM BNEF: Lithium demand and supply forecast
  • BNEF Global Lithium Demand Forecast - high nickel versus low nickel scenarios
  • BNEF Global Lithium Supply Forecast - Hydroxide versus Carbonate scenarios
  • BNEF lithium price forecast - comparing the Bears and Bulls view
Sophie Lu, Metals and Mining Head, Bloomberg New Energy Finance
11:55AM Lithium project presentation
12:15PM Lunch break
1:30PM Panel: Growth and opportunities for the industrial applications of lithium
  • How are the industrial applications for lithium markets developing?
  • Price and EV influence on industrial applications
  • Challenges and concerns for the future
  • Growth opportunities for these applications

Speakers tbc

2:15PM Panel: Current Practices and Pitfalls with Lithium Off-Take Agreements
  • Assessing: Issues to overcome
  • Viability and economics?
  • Particular issues for the lithium industry

Panellists to be announced

David Redford, Partner, Cassels Brock
Farhad Abasov, CEO, Director, Millennial Lithium


8:55AM Opening remarks
9:00AM Tenova’s lithium recovery technology - one process for all brines
Jonathan Lipp, CTO - Lithium, Tenova Advanced Technologies
9:20AM Extraction technology and recent process innovations
Patrick Peters, Ceo, Adionics
9:40AM Sustainable technologies for lithium value chain
Liisa Haavanlammi, Sales Manager, Outotec Oyj
10:00AM New technology for fine grinding battery grade lithium carbonate
Tomas Johansson, Director, Sturtevant - Komarek
10:20AM Morning networking break
10:50AM Get dressed for success: The latest fashion in feasibility studies
  • Metallurgy and pilot plants
  • Marketing and offtake
  • Financial evaluation
Ryan Hanrahan, Director and Mechanical Engineer, Wave International
11:10AM Hosokawa to present

Details to follow

11:30AM How is Europe positioned in the global lithium race?
Vincent Ledoux-Pedailles, Vice President - European Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited
11:50AM Keliber - Vertically integrated lithium hydroxide producer in Europe
Pertti Lamberg, CEO, KELIBER OY
12:10PM Desert Lion Energy - the future of lithium production in Africa
Tim Johnston, CEO, Desert Lion Energy
12:30PM Lunch break
1:30PM Investor perspective on lithium industry
  • How to consider the overestimating / expectation pattern to bringing new projects online?
  • Continuous challenges for the lithium industry
Tobias Tretter, Managing Director, Commodity Capital AG
1:50PM Investor panel: Closer look at funding lithium projects
  • What are the ideal parameters for investors when considering funding lithium projects?
  • Strategic approach for lithium projects: What makes good partnerships and why are they a vital component for investors?
  • Challenges and expectation management
Moderator: Abid Mukhtar, Partner, Commodity Capital
Tobias Tretter, Managing Director, Commodity Capital AG
Ernie Ortiz, President, LRC
Chris Berry, Founder, House Mountain Partners
Wanda Cutler, Investor Relations, Nemaska Lithium Inc
2:45PM Ioneer to present
3:15PM End of the conference

* 活动内容有可能不事先告知作更动及调整。

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