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Shawn Collins's Biography

Shawn Collins, Full Professor, Universite de Montreal

Shawn K. Collins was born in 1974 and raised in Val d'Or, Quebec. He obtained a B.Sc. (Honours) degree from Concordia University in 1996 while working with Professor Ossie S. Tee. He completed his doctoral dissertation in 2001 with Professor Alex G. Fallis at the University of Ottawa. After an NSERC postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Larry E. Overman (University of California, Irvine), he joined the faculty at Universite de Montreal in September 2003 as an Assistant Professor. He was promoted to the rank of Associate Professor in 2009 and to Full Professor in 2015. Professor Collins's research group is interested in the development of novel synthetic methods, particularly involving catalysis, photochemistry and continuous flow methods.

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Shinichiro Fuse's Biography

Shinichiro Fuse, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Shinichiro Fuse earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2000, and a PhD in Applied Chemistry from Tokyo Institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Takashi Takahashi in 2005. He was a researcher at ChemGenesis Incorporated from 2005 to 2006, and a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Daniel E. Kahne at Harvard University from 2006 to 2008. In 2008, he joined the faculty at the Tokyo Institute of Technology as an assistant professor. He moved to the Chemical Resources Laboratory at the same university as an associate professor in 2015. The affiliation name was changed to the Laboratory for Chemistry and Life Science in 2016. His research interests are micro-flow synthesis, natural product synthesis, and peptide synthesis. He received Asian Core Program/Advance Research Network Lectureship Award in 2017, Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan in 2016, and Young Scientist's Research Award in Natural Product Chemistry in 2006.

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Hannes Gemoets's Biography

Hannes Gemoets, R&D Engineer, Creaflow

Hannes P. L. Gemoets was born in Ghent (1991), Belgium. In 2013, he received a M. Sc. degree in Chemical Engineering (cum laude) at the KU Leuven (Faculty of Engineering Technology Ghent). Later that year, he moved to the Netherlands to pursue his Ph.D. at the Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in the Micro Flow Chemistry & Process Technology group, under the supervision of Prof. Timothy Noel and Prof. Volker Hessel. His research focused on the development of novel continuous-flow methods for C-H functionalization strategies (i.e. C-H activation and photoredox catalysis). As a next step in his career, Hannes joined the Research & Development division of Creaflow located in Deinze, Belgium. As R&D Engineer, his work focuses on the design and development of innovative and scalable continuous-flow (photo)reactors.

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Volker Hessel's Biography

Volker Hessel, Professor, School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Adelaide

Professor Volker Hessel studied chemistry at Mainz University (PhD in organic chemistry, 1993). In 1994 he entered the Institut fur Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH. In 2002, Prof. Hessel was appointed Vice Director R&D at IMM and in 2007 as Director R&D. In 2005 and 2011, Prof. Hessel was appointed as Part-time and Full Professor at Eindhoven University of Technology, respectively. He was Honorary Professor at TU Darmstadt, Germany and is Guest Professor at Kunming University of Science and Technology, China. Prof. Hessel was appointed as Deputy Dean (Research) and Full Professor at the School of Chemical Engineering in the ECMS Faculty at the University of Adelaide, Australia. He is (co-)author of > 450 peer-reviewed (h-index: 54). He received the AIChE Award "Excellence in Process Development Research" in 2007, the ERC Advanced Grant "Novel Process Windows" in 2010, the ERC Proof of Concept Grant in 2017, the IUPAC ThalesNano Prize in Flow Chemistry in 2016, the FET OPEN Grant in 2016, and the ERC Synergy Grant 2018. He was authority in the 35-man teamed Parliament Enquete Commission "Future of the Chemical Industry" in Nordrhine-Westfalia.

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Maarten Honing's Biography

Maarten Honing, Professor, Maastricht University, M4I Institute Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging

Prof. dr. M. Honing received his PhD at the VU University in Amsterdam in 1995, dealing with the investigation of ionization processes in hyphenated mass spectrometry. After > 25 managing Analytical Sciences applied in clinical chemistry, pharmaceutical & chemical industry, in 2017 he was appointed full professor "Analytics in System Imaging" at the University Maastricht . His research deals with the design, development and application of advanced IMS and MS/MS technologies, hyphenated to uFluidics technologies (Flow-Chemistry & Organ-on-the-Chip) for the structure resolved monitoring of a large variety of molecules.

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Christian Hornung's Biography

Christian Hornung, Director of FloWorks, CSIRO

Christian H. Hornung is a Senior Research Scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Melbourne, Australia, which he joined in 2010. He received a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen, Germany in 2004 and his PhD in Chemical Engineering from Cambridge University, UK in 2008, where he worked in the groups of Prof. Malcolm R. Mackley and Prof. Steven V. Ley.

Christian has more than 15 years of experience working in the flow chemistry and reactor technology area on the interface between chemistry and engineering. Christian is the director of FloWorks, CSIRO's Centre for Industrial Flow Chemistry, which is a $ 10M technology transfer facility. The centre provides access to CSIRO's cutting-edge research into industrial processing for Australian and international chemical manufacturers, with the aim to intensify chemical processes by using state-of-the-art continuous flow technology. Christian's research interest includes microreactor engineering, additive manufacturing, organic synthesis, heterogeneous catalysis and polymer chemistry.

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Wu Jie's Biography

Wu Jie, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, National University of Singapore

Jie Wu was born and raised in Sichuan Province, China. He received Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Boston University in 2012, under the supervision of Prof. James S. Panek. He was appointed as SkolTech Postdoc Fellow with Prof. Timothy F. Jamison and Prof. T. Alan Hatton at MIT from 2012-2014. After working as a senior scientist in Snapdragon Chemistry Inc, he joined the chemistry department of NUS as an assistant professor in 2015. He has been a recipient of Thieme Chemistry Journal Award (2019), NUS chemistry department Young Chemist Award (2018), 4th Green&Sustainable Manufacturing Award from GSK-Singapore (2017), and Asian Core Program Lectureship Award from China (2017), Taiwan (2018), and Thailand (2018). His research interests include the continuous-flow synthesis, photo-synthesis, and green chemistry.

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Tanja Junkers's Biography

Tanja Junkers, Professor, School of Chemistry, Polymer Reaction Design group, Monash University

Tanja Junkers graduated with a PhD in physical chemistry from Gottingen University, from where she moved on to work at the University of New South Wales (Sydney), the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Hasselt University. Since early 2018 she is professor at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Her research focuses on precision polymer synthesis, radical reaction kinetics, photochemistry and to a very large extend continuous flow synthesis of functional materials.

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Saif Khan's Biography

Saif Khan, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore

Dr. Saif A. Khan obtained a Bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering at the University Department of Chemical Technology (UDCT), Mumbai where he was the university gold medallist. He received his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2006, where he was a Presidential Fellow. In 2006, he joined the National University of Singapore (NUS), where he is currently a tenured Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. His research group at NUS develops new microfluidics-based 'factories' for the continuous manufacture of pharmaceuticals and advanced materials in collaboration with several industrial partners worldwide. He has also co-founded two start-up companies focused on advanced materials manufacture and opthalmic drug delivery.

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Simon Kuhn's Biography

Simon Kuhn, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, KU Leuven

Simon Kuhn received his Diploma in Chemical Engineering from TU Munich and his PhD from ETH Zurich. After a stay as post-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he joined the Department of Chemical Engineering at University College London as assistant professor. In 2014, he was appointed as professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at KU Leuven. His research interests lie in the characterization of transport processes in complex flows using experiments and modeling, scaling-up microchemical systems, and design of novel flow reactors.

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Guangsheng Luo's Biography

Guangsheng Luo, Professor, Tsinghua University

Prof. Guangsheng Luo received his Ph.D. and B.Sc. degrees in 1993 and 1988, respectively, both from Tsinghua University. His research interests include microstructured chemical systems, separation science and technology, transfer phenomena, and functional materials. He has published more than 350 papers in peer-reviewed journals and holds more than 90 patents. He was awarded the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2005. He won the second prize of China State Technological Invention Award in 2012. He was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2016. He has serviced as associate editor or editor board member of Chemical Engineering Journal, Separation Purification and Technology, Industrial Engineering Chemistry & Engineering, Reaction Chemistry and Engineering, Chinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, etc.

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Andrew Mansfield's Biography

Andrew Mansfield,Head of Flow Chemistry,Syrris

After graduating with a degree in Applied Chemistry Andrew moved into the research sector working for a range of Pharmaceutical companies including Roche, Napp, Parke-Davis and Pfizer. From an early point in his career he began to specialize in new enabling chemical technologies and automation specializing in high throughput synthesis and purification and flow chemistry.

At Pfizer Andrew led the flow chemistry initiative working across research projects and process groups to integrate flow chemistry in Pfizer's workflow. During this time that Andrew undertook an industrial secondment in Prof. Steve Ley's group developing his knowledge in the flow field. After the Pfizer (Sandwich) site closed Andrew took his expertise and ran his own consultancy company developing batch to flow processes, training and working with flow chemistry apparatus manufactures to develop their technology and develop in-house applications. Andrew moved to Syrris in early 2015 first in a technical role to develop flow chemistry applications, moving into Product Management before taking the position as Head of Flow Chemistry Products expanding his role to cover Syrris’ complete flow chemistry portfolio.

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Akira Matsuoka's Biography

Akira Matsuoka, Researcher, Technical Development Group, Kobe Steel Ltd.

I have earned a master's degree in chemical engineering from Nagoya University, Japan, in 2008. After assigning to the current position at Technical Development Group, Kobe Steel, LTD., I worked for the development of the pressure swing adsorption system for carbon monoxide separation from combustion exhaust gas in iron making plants and petrochemical plants from 2008 to 2011. I am joining to the research and development for micro chemical process technologies from 2011 to present. My current tasks are to establish the methodology for device and process designs of multichannel large capacity micro channel reactor and to develop the applications of our device, stacked multi-channel reactor (SMCR®), for bulk chemical industries.

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Timothy Noel's Biography

Timothy Noel,Associate Professor,Eindhoven University of Technology, Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Flow Chemistry

Timothy Noel received in 2004 his MSc degree (Industrial Chemical Engineering) from the KaHo Sint-Lieven in Ghent. He then moved to Ghent University to obtain a PhD at the Laboratory for Organic and Bioorganic Synthesis (2005-2009). Next, he moved to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor Stephen L. Buchwald. At MIT, he worked at the MIT-Novartis Center for Continuous Manufacturing. He currently holds a position as an associate professor and chairs the Micro Flow Chemistry & Synthetic Methodology group at Eindhoven University of Technology. His research interests are flow chemistry, homogeneous catalysis and organic synthesis.

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Sandor B. Otvos's Biography

Sandor B. Otvos,Researcher,Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz

Sandor studied Chemistry at the University of Szeged (Hungary), and obtained his M.Sc. in 2009. He earned Ph.D. in 2013 at the same university (at Institute of Pharmaceutical Chemistry) under supervision of Prof. Ferenc Fulop. During his doctoral studies, he exploited continuous flow catalytic processes for the sustainable synthesis of pharmaceutically relevant intermediates and potentially bioactive products. After completing Ph.D., he received a postdoctoral position at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. In 2018, he moved to Austria and currently, he is a senior Post-Doc in the research group of Prof C. Oliver Kappe (CC FLOW) at University of Graz, Institute of Chemistry. His research interest is focused on the combination of flow chemistry, synthetic organic chemistry, organo- and transition metal catalysis, with a view to the synthesis and development of pharmacologically active compounds.

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Andrew Rutter's Biography

Andrew Rutter, Senior Director, GlaxoSmithKline

I lead a team in GSK driven to change how we combine existing and emerging technologies to transform Manufacturing, including Continuous Manufacture. I am a member of ICH Q13 EWG as EPPIA Deputy Lead. An Engineer by training, my career has taken me from Petrochemical Manufacture, via Techno-Economic Consulting, to Pharmaceutical Manufacture.

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Yuanhai Su's Biography

Yuanhai Su, Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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Kai Wang's Biography

Kai Wang,Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering,Tsinghua University

Dr. Kai Wang obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2010 from Department of Chemical Engineering Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. During 2015 to 2016, he worked as a visiting scholar in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is now working as an associate professor in the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering. His research interests mainly involved engineering principles and technologies of flow chemistry process, especially for the continuous syntheses of nanocrystals, fine chemicals and polymers.

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Jianhong Xu's Biography

Jianhong Xu, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University

Prof. Dr. Jianhong XU received his B.Sc. and Ph.D. at Tsinghua University in 2002 and 2007 respectively. He continued his research in Tsinghua University as a postdoctoral fellow after graduation. He finished the postdoctoral program in May 2009, and became a formal faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University. He had studied as a visiting scholar at Prof. David Weitz lab in Harvard University during 2012.7~2013.6. At present, his research areas are focusing on the microstructured chemical system, multiphase microfluidic technology and functional materials synthesis. He has more than 130 peer-reviewed publications. He was awarded "Lab on a Chip Emerging Investigator" in 2012. He got the "Excellent Young Scientists Fund" from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2013. In 2016, he was awarded as Young Scholar of "Chang Jiang Scholars Program of China" of MOE.

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Chaoqun Yao's Biography

Chaoqun Yao,Associate Professor,Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics

Chaoqun Yao obtained his bachelor's degree from Tianjin University and PhD degree on chemical engineering from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics (DICP). After graduation, Chaoqun Yao started to work at DICP, with research interest in the area of process intensification and transport fundamental in microreactors.

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Jisong Zhang's Biography

Jisong Zhang, Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University

Dr. Jisong Zhang received his B.S. (2009) and PhD (2014) degree in Department of Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University, China. From 2015 to 2017, he moved to Department of Chemical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and worked in Prof. Klavs Jensen's group as a postdoctoral associate. He is now working as an assistant professor in the State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University. Dr. Zhang's research interests focus on micro-reaction technology, organocatalysis and flow chemistry, especially on the continuous gas-liquid processes, such as hydrogenation, oxidation. He has published more than 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals and applied for 14 Chinese patents.

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