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Rail Security, 2020年3月11日(三)


Welcome remarks


Opening address

Chong Kheng Chua

Rail Leader Interview

Back by popular demand, we kick off Asia-Pacific Rail 2020 with a series of interviews with C-Level rail operator leaders. Don’t miss these exclusive insights from some of the region’s most forward-thinking executives.
Panel discussion

Rail Leader Panel

Moving beyond mass transit to personalised transit
  • Why rail players must prioritise and speed up their digitalisation processes, and how they can do it
  • What are the long and short term digitalisation goals rail operators should be setting and where should they be investing to achieve them?
  • Multimodality: What does the future look like and what is rail’s role?
  • How to adapt existing service-provider business models through data-sharing and standardization to accommodate MaaS
  • Finding cost efficiencies through digitalisation

Title Sponsor Address

Panel discussion

Innovative models in rail operations

Francis Bedel

The Digital Present

  • Digital is not in the future - it’s right now
  • Why the most adaptable will succeed
  • How can rail can get up to speed with other industries
Francis Bedel, Chief Digital Officer, International Union of Railways (UIC)

Networking cocktail reception & close of day one

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Rail Security, 2020年3月12日(四)

Richard Anderson

Lessons from 25 years of metro benchmarking

  • What benchmarking data shows us about 20-25 year trends in metro performance
  • Key hot topics in the industry from an operator perspective and how these have evolved in 20-25 years
  • What does this tell us about the future?
  • In particular, what do customers actually want from embracing the opportunities of digital, data, new technology?
Richard Anderson, Managing Director, Transport Strategy Centre (Tsc), Imperial College London
Panel discussion

Keynote operations panel

  • What do passengers really want and how can operators deliver this?
  • With a myriad of new technology applications on the market, how can operators choose what delivers value to both passengers and the business?
  • What is the role of operators in driving innovation in technology to solve problems relating to the future of mobility?
  • The role of suburban and urban rail in meeting the urban mobility challenge
  • Strategic allocation of continual investment to meet needs of riders
Sumit Srisantithum, Chief Operating Officer, Bangkok Mass Transit System Public Company Limited (BTS)

Diamond sponsor address

Shao Fei Huang
Rail Security

From a reactive to a proactive cybersecurity strategy: Keeping your operations one step ahead of potential cyber attacks

Randy Sac
Rail Security

Policy, procedures, technology and training: Key elements of a robust security plan

Rail Security

Investing wisely: Quantifying your cyber risk in economic terms to determine your “mission critical systems” and understand where to deploy security resources

Anson Lim
Rail Security

Combating terrorist threats through multi-layered and integrated security systems

Rail Security

Networking lunch & exhibition visit

Christian Schlehuber
Rail Security

Fostering industry collaboration: Forming the Information Security Sharing and Analysis Centre which will serve as an exchange platform for cybersecurity for European operators

Sanjay Kumar
Rail Security

Employee identity security: Technological solutions to the problem of identity verification of manpower candidates

Rail Security

Coordinating with various external stakeholders to plan effective disaster preparedness drills

Theo Nasser
Rail Security

Cyber awareness: Making employees more defensible against cyber threats

Rail Security

Wireless solutions with online audit trails to track key access for infrastructure and station security

Rail Security

Fostering a cyber-security mindset in your organisation: Engaging and educating all stakeholders

Panel discussion
Rail Security

Panel session: Becoming a safety-critical organisation: Designing a system that engages employees and customers

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