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The Interoperability Challenge.
2018年9月26-28日 / 法国,The Novotel Convention & SPA Roissy CDG
9月28日 (五) 第3天

  • Welcome coffee from 08.00
  • Conference from 08.30
  • Exhibition open from 08.30 to 16.00
  • Seated Buffet: 12.30
  • End of conference: 12.00
  • End of the event: 16.00
Steve Garson, CEO, SD-WAN Experts

Steve Garson is a leading expert on SD-WAN and Managed Security Infrastructure for global enterprise networks.   He is a regular contributor to the widely read NetworkWorld - Ask the WAN Expert column.

Service providers Case Studies Session
BT: Managed SD-WAN Making Complex Hybrid Solutions Possible
Sharing what we should expect as part of a managed solution and how the demands of global customers contrast with much of the initial hype around SD-WANs.

Anne-Gaëlle Santos, Head of Product Management, BT Global Services

Anne-Gaëlle leads the Dynamic Network Service (DyNS) programme for BT at a global level. She has 20 years of experience in the high-tech industry, of which 10 years has been spent on networking solutions, including application performance services, for global organisations. In her current role, she is responsible for defining innovative solutions to fulfil the needs of global customers and the new market drivers for global managed network services.   Prior to this, Anne-Gaëlle worked as Channel manager for the French market, developing solutions based on specific market needs but also supporting local sales and bid teams to be successful with French customers within our global operation. Before this, she worked on the wireless market supporting operators business cases for 3G licenses and finding the right business model through application partner engagements.

Telus: Extended SD-WAN Geo-Service Chaining to NGFW with Local HA
Discussing a NaaS managed software defined WAN service launched by TELUS in 2017.
Classification of traffic.
Security options.

Radwa Rawoof, Chief Technology Office, Technology Strategy, TELUS
KDDI: Technical Challenges

Dr. Nick Polydorou, Deputy Director, KDDI
Telia: Automated SD-WAN
Describing mechanisms that provide scalability and reliability for Telia and ultimately Telia's end- customers in the form of automation.

Janne Mikola,
Product Manager, Telia

Janne Mikola is the product owner and Development Manager for Telia SD-WAN service at Telia Company. Janne has been with Telia since 2010 and was the first technical resource to ever work on Telia SD-WAN - since moving to more architectural roles. Before looking into all things SDN, Janne worked the technical aspects of Managed LAN services at Telia, specializing in NAC and IEEE 802.1X.   Janne's and his team's efforts on SD-WAN led to a full commercial, international launch of Telia SD-WAN service in April 2017. Janne's interests revolve around principle of Infrastructure as Code, building cloud-native applications, consuming and providing RESTful APIs and SDN in general.   Mr. Mikola holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Sciences from Tampere University of Technology and has a strong programmer background from his earlier career at Qbitech Ltd. Janne also wrote his Master's thesis on SDN in the dawn of whole technology, with the title "Utilizing Northbound APIs of SDN Stack in Web-based Network Management".

Colt: the Next Phase After Initial Product Launch
  • Evolve from the MVP towards a mature offering
  • Have customer requirements changed?
  • Colt internal journey - which challenges did we expect, which ones not?
  • What are our development focal points
  • How do we see the market dynamics?

Jimmy Ehrbar,
Sr. Manager Architecture & Design, Colt

Jimmy Ehrbar joined Colt in 2001 where he firsts had various roles in Network Engineering and then contributed to the development of the IMS VoIP platform and services. In 2009 he joined the Architecture and Innovation team which focused on Colt's long-term network strategy and architecture.  Since 2016 he's leading this team which is now part of Colt's On-Demand organisation looking after the NFV and SDN strategy and development. Before Colt Jimmy lead various network engineering teams at international insurance companies.  

Coffee Break/Exhibition
Exponential-e : Future Evolution of the Service
The importance of an end to end service offering including automation in the WAN, through SD-WAN, as well as automation in the DC to get to an end to end automated business app consumption.
The role of the portal in the service offering.
The customer and service provider benefit.
Future evolution of the service.

Andrew Chant, Director of Infrastructure, Exponential-e

With over 17 years of experience running service provider networks today Andrew runs the core infrastructure team within Exponential-e who are responsible for the core network and design of services that run over it.   Andrew is an evangelist of new technologies (including SD-WAN) and advocate of continual improvement of existing systems and process within business.

Verizon: Enabling the Real-time Enterprise
Providing an holistic view of where Verizon is investing in from an end-to-end automation.
Highlighting some lessons from early adopters.
Talking about what we expect from the industry as far as standardization is concerned.

Peter Konings, Director Products EMEA, Verizon

Peter Konings is Enterprise Networks and Managed Services for EMEA, LATAM and Canada at Verizon and brings with him more than 20 years of product managing IT and Telecom solutions for enterprise customers. In his current role he is responsible for managing the regional requirements for the Verizon global managed network services, enabling products for resellers in region and optimizing access solutions.   Since joining the company in 1998, he has headed up the Global Managed MPLS & Ethernet product teams, the managed services product team for Europe and the European & APAC Advanced Data team for Verizon.   Before this, he has worked as a product manager for data and internet services. Prior to this, Konings worked at Digital Equipment Corporation for the Belgium and Luxembourg region as a Product Manager for UNIX servers, messaging software and Year 2000.   Peter holds a master's degree in applied linguistics from the VUB- University in Brussels. He is based in Brussels.

11.20 Enterprise Round Table
Customer experience
Service delivery, activation and assurance
Operational tools

Gregory Cauchie, IT Network Specialist, Carrefour

David Dot,
Network Manager, Interroll

Professional Experience:
System as network Specialist for 10 years in Pirelli (1 year in Spain and 8 in Italy - Milan)
System and Network Specialist from 2 years in Interroll
Network Manager in Interroll since 3 years.


Seated Buffet

End of the event

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